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April 2022:

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B125 – VSF “Megawar” along with Side B Robokelectrik  and MegaWar Instrumental. 12″ Black Vinyl: $24.00 (US Dollars) (Limited 150)

B126 – Reakshone X “It’s Party Time Again!” along with Side B Instrumental. 12″ Black Vinyl: $24.00 (US Dollars) (Limited 150)

TO ORDER: please email us. Send your name, shipping address and the quantity of each. Once we calculate shipping, we will send you a PayPal Invoice. USA shipping is about $4.  International shipping is expensive and averages $25 for one copy. Email is in the graphic below!!

Base 12 Records ships world-wide except Europe. 

If you are in Europe, please order from in Germany.

Ready for your turntables are two new releases from Base 12 Records. First, VSF has “Mega War.” Originally written in 2001 as a demo, VSF decided to finally record and complete the track.  To accompany the track, VSF has re-recorded from scratch an Instrumental version of Robokelectrik (some vocoder hook) using the same synthesizers and deeper analog bass. This deep space track is warping away with only 150 copies pressed.

Second, The ultra-rare 1990 Reakshone-X “It’s Party Time” has been re-created from scratch using the exact same synthesizers and Roland SVC vocoder from the 1980s. J-vibe even included a bridge change that was excluded from the original recording by mistake! The original recording suffered from dynamics and was recorded on used 8 track reel tape.  This electro-vocoder Freestyle track is limited to 150 copies.