Our Mission

To create music and vinyl records that are true to our artistic style. We will create original art which expresses who we are, not what the market dictates. We are not products, we are creators. God guide’s us and we will never let a self-worshiping man destroy our faith.

Our Story – How the Label Started (brief version)

The story here begins around 1987 as it relates to Base 12 Records itself (This is focused more on the label ).
Jose (aka J-vibe) had been making music for many years and constantly showing his demo tape around. Many indie labels would pass on them. Most of the time the feedback to him was that the music needed to be more mainstream or sounded like the big hit they had just released. After a few years of rejections, J-vibe stopped doing demos and decided to just make music for himself and those who liked listening to his tracks. One of his childhood friends named Frank Huerta aka Fusion, laster known as DJ Frankie Fusion Medina. Frank suggested that he try JDC Records who was a distributor in San Pedro, CA. Frank would buy vinyl there and said that JDC also ran their own label. In 1987 they showed up at JDC at walked in the door. They were greeted by Sam Hernandez who was a salesman. J-vibe presented a cassette tape and told him he was looking to get his tracks released on vinyl. Sam said to leave it and he would listen it later and to call him in a week. Jose left feeling that it was another dead-end lead. JDC had just opened a retail store a block away from the main distributor so they headed there to buy records.

After a week, J-vibe called Sam and he had not listened to it yet. This repeated for about a month until finally Sam called J-vibe and told him he liked what he heard. Sam told J-vibe he was looking for someone to connect with to produce records. They started meetingd at J-vibe’s place and Base 12 Productions was born. Originally, the concept was to release High Energy HNRG dance music. As time went on, many ideas were recorded but nothing was released. Sam then introduced Jose to comedy musician Jonny Chingas. Jonny was looking for someone to create a music track for him for a rap he called “Mini Truck Lover.” It was a bilingual comedy rap that Jonny Chingas and J-vibe recorded in late 1987. Eventually Jose, Sam and Santiago released vinyl on Dunk Yer Funk Records as VSF. This led to creation of Base 12 Productions and Base 12 Records. (additional info in the VSF artist page.

Sam left Base 12 in 1993 to work for Quality Records. Eventually, J-vibe, Smax (Santiago Jimenez) and Chop-Suey (Victoria Nguyen) got together in 1998 and created 128bit Bboy as a CD release. In 2002, Hsky (Hsinying Chou) pushed for J-vibe to re-release VSF – Velocity, Seed and Force. A second release in 2004 was Robokelektric which was the last vinyl of the 2000s. Now 13 years later, VSF has released a new track “One Way Ticket To Mars” along with “I’m Not Like You.” In December 2021 we released two 12 inch vinyls. VSF  “Mega War” and Reakshone-X “It’s Party Time Again!”